Tutorial of PetroValues Map

Tutorial of PetroValues Map

PetroValues’ Map is an Invaluable Resource

The map created by PetroValues is an invaluable resource when it comes to mineral assets and it’s available completely for free. It is the only tool that allows you to view state/federal mineral auctions and results, private mineral listings, and updated oil and gas well data, all in one place. It is also the only place where valuations have been digitized and connected to big data, ie. factors like geology, oil and gas prices, nearby oil production, and many others. In fact, there isn’t even anything else close to this map or valuation tool out there. Other listing sites have barriers of expensive subscription based access and don’t even have any oil and gas or geological data available. Visit PetroValues’ map and start your research now!

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Use the Map to Value Assets and to Research Properties

Mineral Owners

For mineral owners, it is a perfect place to start research on a personal property. Start by searching the map using a county or section name. Zoom into your area and view other live and sold listings nearby. Look at the acreage price of these nearby listings to gauge how your property may do in the market. You may also view nearby operators and producing wells.

Interested in leasing or selling your mineral rights, or just getting a professional appraisal of them? Contact us or visit this page to learn more about the services we provide.

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Industry Professionals

For industry professionals, the map is like having several expensive subscriptions all in one place and for absolutely no cost. Manage mineral assets by creating portfolios and use the US onshore public well and production data for free. View mineral properties and their complete economic valuations for free.

Interested in a property? Download each virtual data room, presentation, and reserves report without cost or confrontation. Just click the “Download VDR” button in a property view. To make an offer contact us.

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